About Me

Hi, I am Carolina Pachon. I am a Data Analyst with an interest in deriving insights from data and turning it into profitable solutions and business opportunities. In the past, I worked in marketing where I was responsible for defining brand strategies based on consumer behavior studies and market share data. Also, I got an MBA where most of my learning focused on solving business cases by using critical thinking methodologies (evaluating, analysing and problem solving).

These past experiences led me to realize how much I enjoy crafting and telling stories behind data, and made me understood how crucial data is for achieving better decision-making. Now, I am looking to jumpstart my career as a Data Analyst applying my past skills, plus my new technical skills in databases, visualizations, and statistical modeling, in order to make recommendations that can turn into actionable and profitable plans for companies.

Check out my portfolio of projects. I will walk you through different business cases where I show the process of cleaning and exploring data using statistics to reveal hidden insights.

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